Business Gateway and Aberdeenshire Refugee Resettlement Team; New Business Start Up Workshop for Refugees (in Arabic)

Inverurie Town Hall

Tuesday 01.10.19

1.30 – 3.30pm











Aberdeenshire Refugee Resettlement New Scots’ Housing Officers, pick up the ‘Heart of Aberdeenshire Caring Award’ at Inspiring Aberdeenshire 2019

The Heart of Aberdeenshire Caring award

Aberdeenshire Refugee Resettlement Team

This team was established after Aberdeenshire Council committed to resettling families via the Syrian Vulnerable Persons’ Relocation Scheme. They currently support almost 200 people who have settled across Aberdeenshire, and the ambition of the team is to make sure they have opportunity to make this their home, to support their care, their education and their children’s development. The work is done with one ambition – to nurture and empower our new Scots to become happy and active citizens. Many of those resettling here live with the physical and emotional scars of a life unimaginably hard, and they are encouraged at their own pace to find the peace they need in Aberdeenshire. The Council has a great reputation on the national stage for the work to resettle our new Scots, and none of it would be possible without this dedicated and often un-sung team of caring individuals.