Forced Migration Review, Syrians in displacement (University of Oxford Refugee Studies Centre) February 2018





Building Futures: Aspirations of Syrian Youth Refugees and Host Population Responses in Lebanon, Greece and the UK



This project is designed to offer an in-depth and innovative comparative study of the experiences, skills and aspirations of young Syrian refugees, who have been forcibly displaced by the conflict in their home country, and the corresponding attitudes and belief structures of the host population in three receiving states: Lebanon, Greece and the United Kingdom (UK). Through surveys and interviews, this study will allow us to formulate policy recommendations to meet the training and skills needs of young migrants, with a view to facilitating either reintegration in Syria or integration in their host nations. It will also give guidance on how such policy can be framed and advocated so as to build consensus and cross community understanding in a context of strained public resources and anti-immigration sentiment.


Aberdeenshire is participating in the UK based research programme.