Hi Everyone!

As promised, here are the resources from SQA. These are the access two resources. So they are for beginner and low elementary level.

They are a bit dry, but might help some. Or at least help to launch some lesson ideas.

As you appear to have access to Onestop already, I shan’t duplicate.





Arabic Resources

Some Arabic resources from my colleague Silvia.

EAL-resources-for-new-arrivals-Arabic (1) – Resource list

EAL-dual-language-dictionaries-for-secondary-pupils-Arabic – List of dictionaries

Around-the-School- – Illustrated school vocabulary with Arabic translation

Arabic-Information-about-the-Language  – Info about Arabic

Arabic_Bracknell-Forest-Phrases-for-Schools1 – Arabic/English phrases for school

Arabic Signage


Hi folks, you can find links to some Arabic signs here…


School door signs

The school signs would be better accompanied by visuals but these can be generated using communicate in print or read & write gold.